Keeping your hands clean and other good reasons to go tubeless

Richard Roberts | October 13, 2019

For over a century most bicycles have used a system of tyres with tubes in them to keep them rolling along – and this has generally worked very well. I’ve never really been an early adopter of new technology. The exception was when tubeless systems began to be discussed for bicycles about 15 years ago. […]

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Jellyfish and the cycles of transformation

Richard Roberts | June 12, 2019

As Peter Cook, in character as EL Wisty used to drone in his nasal way “Do you want to know an interesting fact?” and he would go on to tell his fact regardless. Well, I’m going to tell you one… Around about 80 million years ago, when Lewes was at the bottom of a tropical […]

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eBike trial day 23rd March 2019 – come and try one

Richard Roberts | March 16, 2019

We’re running an eBike trial day on 23rd March 2019. Come and try one – allow yourself to be impressed! More information:   Six reasons why an eBike would be perfect for you. As a long-term ‘traditional’ cyclist I used to be sniffy about eBikes. Before moving to Lewes, I had only seen them at mountain […]

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The Dark Peaks: Love, death and cyclocross

Steve Ranger | October 8, 2018

  The Dark Peaks: Love, death and cyclocross I sat down on the grass at the finish line of this year’s peaks, put my head in my hands and wept quietly. In a moment of being utterly spent all of life suddenly caught up with me. It was without question my hardest Peaks, mainly because […]

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Genesis Croix de Fer takes on South America

Danny Brown | June 2, 2016

Genesis Croix de Fer takes on South America The Genesis Croix de Fer is an extremely popular bike – the one everyone’s eyes immediately settle on if they come in to our Friars Walk shop. Paul Benoy, Director of Cycleshack, has his eye on one, and Steve Ranger the other Director already has a Day […]

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The Medical Bicycle in India

Danny Brown | February 19, 2016

Annabel Allcorn  bought a Surly Straggler CX bike from us to ride across India, her travel purpose even includes having a defibrillator strapped to the handlebars! Annabel’s medical charity travelled to India and on arrival she put the bike together again successfully and sent us this picture.. At Cycleshack we have a lot of experience […]

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Danny’s Guide to Buying Your First Road Bike

Danny Brown | February 10, 2016

Danny’s Guide to Buying Your First Road Bike BUYING YOUR FIRST, OR NEXT, ROAD BIKE When you’re buying a road bike, the range of bike types, materials and component options can be bewildering. Let us steer you through your choices and help you find the right road bike for you. There’s never been a better […]

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Mountain Biking in the south-western USA

Danny Brown |

Mountain Biking in the south-western USA Porcupine Rim Trail, Moab We like to be active participants in our sport, and although a bit of an old git on a mountain bike, I try to travel and experience different types of mountain biking. If you want travel stories about road biking, no chance – why would […]

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Viva! Lewes try out one of our electric demo bikes

Danny Brown |

I’m on a ladies’ Dutch bike, cycling up Malling St. towards the Ringmer turn-off. It’s one of those long climbs I’ve always dreaded, but this time I’m euphoric, as I pass the line of drivers stuck in their gridlocked cars. I clock the figure on my speedo: 15mph, which is usually the sort of speed […]

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Our Cycle to Work Scheme

Danny Brown | February 8, 2016

Here at Cycleshack we operate our own cycle to work scheme for local businesses. It works in exactly the same way as the nationwide schemes but it’s quicker and easier because we run it ourselves. That way we can be sure that any employee of members of our scheme can walk into our shops and […]

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