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Some bike videos and articles for inspiration - Cycleshack

June 21, 2020

Words by Steve Ranger

Some bike videos and articles for inspiration

The Man Who Refuses to Die

Seeking Perspective

Danny MacAskill: The Ridge

What does it take to go from 5% chance of survival to setting your sights on winning one of the hardest cycling races in the world? Watch below as James Golding shares his incredible journey in the latest Red Bull Media House series Way of The Wildcard.

A video from Orbea about biking and coming out of lockdown



There’s a very faint chance that some of you won’t have seen a Danny MacAskill video. Just faint. If you haven’t, start with this one…


How to Pump Up Your Tyres

Don’t Do This!

The South Downs Way in a Day

Not something we give a lot of thought to, but pretty vital -this article and video from Trek give you the best advice on a neglected side of riding

Really, don’t do this. I’ve seen it first hand, and I didn’t do it. And I’m not going to.

Don’t do this either, unless you want to be really puffed out! The South Downs Way in  day – 100 miles.