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What's Happening - Cycleshack opening - Cycleshack

June 7, 2021

Words by Steve Ranger

What’s Happening – Cycleshack opening

We will post our latest news here every time we have anything to tell you, including whether we are open, and if so at which shop. We’ll keep you fully in the picture.

Latest news from 3rd June 2021:

Cliffe High Street (in Intersport) is open except Mondays – service at the door

Friars Walk is open except Sundays

Important Customer Notice

Our shop in Cliffe High Street is now fully open – please wear a mask.

Friars Walk is also fully open now.

We’re experiencing very high levels of demand for our services. We are trying to manage this demand with a much-reduced workforce, due to regular staff with underlying health issues having to isolate and others required to shield vulnerable family members. This has meant we were only able to operate from one of our shops during lockdown, which has led to work backing up – you’ve probably seen the queues! We expect the situation will ease in the coming weeks and we will be able to return to a more “normal” way of working, especially now both shops are open.

We love being a part of the local cycling community and continue to be incredibly grateful for your support. The vast majority of our customers have been very patient and we thank you for this. Please work with us; we are doing our best to help everyone keep cycling.

Please have consideration and stay distanced from staff and other customers. Only one person at a time at the shop door, thanks – please be patient and queue on the pavement with consideration for other pedestrians. Thank you.

Please queue along the pavement!