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South Downs Way on Electric Bikes

A SDW Odyssey on Electric BIkes

 Steve Ranger     April 6, 2020   

Rob is an old climbing partner, known for his stock phrase, ‘What’s the worst that could happen?’ – just before it happens, usually. Retreating from a 19 pitch route in the Alps when he’d belayed me from a tuft of grass (‘I knew you wouldn’t fall off’) has always told me he’s made of the […]

Getting the Bike Out

 Steve Ranger     April 1, 2020   

I am ashamed to say that since the Utah trip back in November, my Fuel EX has been in its bag. Recent events have given me a massive nudge to get out on the Downs, and I finally put it together on the driveway the other day. It’s been a great motivator to get back […]

Love your drivechain and it will love you.

 Richard Roberts     March 7, 2020   

Unless you’re a tiger or maybe a vampire, pointy teeth are not your friend – especially when they’re on your bicycle. The design of most conventional bicycles and current eBikes relies upon a drivechain that contacts metal on metal and leads sooner or later to bits wearing out. The components of your drivechain – the […]

A Utah Trip Gallery 2019

 Steve Ranger     February 15, 2020   

Some photos from the Deers Leap Bikes/ TrekCo/Lewes Cycleshack Utah Trip 2019 – our fifth staff trip to Moab and other biking centres in Utah and Arizona.  

Transform your riding: do it at night

 Richard Roberts     February 13, 2020   

You get home from work, it’s dark outside and the wind is howling. The last thing you want to do is go for a bike ride. Yet, like so many things in life if you can find the energy/motivation, it has its rewards. There’s a world out there which is a bit like the one […]

Biking the South Downs Way

 Steve Ranger     February 11, 2020   

  The South Downs Way is something we’ve all heard of in Lewes – it goes right past the town, or through it if you want to go that way, and runs a total of 100 miles from Winchester to Eastbourne. The SDW is well known as a local trail, but it’s always surprising how […]

Temptation, slippery slopes and how getting up them is easier on an eBike

 Richard Roberts     January 21, 2020   

This is what happened when one of our favorite customers lent his eBike to his friend. Jason “the eBiking Giant” suggested Patrick “the Muddy Cyclist” try his Trek eBike to see just how it might alter his riding experience. The answer is a “a lot”. Patrick has been riding a mountain bike across the Downs […]

Epic landscapes

A mountain biker’s pilgrimage – the Cycleshack holiday to Utah and Arizona

 Richard Roberts     January 4, 2020   

One of our regular customers joined us for the annual Cycleshack/Deers Leap family holiday to Utah and Arizona, to ride some of the most famous trails in the history of mountain biking. Iconic is an overused word, but that’s what they are… It’d be fair to say that Richard enjoyed himself. As a relatively recent […]

Jason, the e-Biking Giant

 Richard Roberts     December 18, 2019   

This is a little film put together by one of our much-loved customers – Jason “the eBiking Giant” (and he’s not kidding). At nearly seven feet tall and around twenty two stone there’s no denying his giant stature. A career playing rugby at a top professional club in New Zealand left Jason with very badly […]

Cycleshack 10the anniversary ride

Keeping riding through the winter: join us!

 Richard Roberts     November 18, 2019   

It’s hard to find the motivation to ride your bike when it’s cold and wet outside. There are too many temptations to stay cosy inside. And yet… if you can find that motivation you’ll almost certainly never regret it. Once you’re out it’s never that bad (except sometimes, when it is). One of the best […]