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Electric Bikes – An In depth Look

 Steve Ranger     October 28, 2019   

There can be a perception that e-bikes are like motorbikes—just climb on and there’s no pedalling needed. However, that isn’t the case. Electric bikes are normal bicycles that have been manufactured

Keeping your hands clean and other good reasons to go tubeless

 Richard Roberts     October 13, 2019   

For over a century most bicycles have used a system of tyres with tubes in them to keep them rolling along – and this has generally worked very well. I’ve never really been an early adopter of new technology. The exception

Looking after your disc brakes and avoiding the howl

 Richard Roberts     June 26, 2019   

Working in the bike shop, one of the questions we get asked most frequently is: “why are my disc brakes sooooo noisy?” Here I’m going to try and explain how to take care of them and why they can become real howlers.

Jellyfish and the cycles of transformation

 Richard Roberts     June 12, 2019   

As Peter Cook, in character as EL Wisty used to drone in his nasal way “Do you want to know an interesting fact?” and he would go on to tell his fact regardless. Well, I’m going to tell you one… Around about 80 million years

eBike trial day 23rd March 2019 – come and try one

 Richard Roberts     March 16, 2019   

We’re running an eBike trial day on 23rd March 2019. Come and try one – allow yourself to be impressed! More information:   Six reasons why an eBike

We Clean Your Parts Sustainably!

 Steve Ranger     February 5, 2019   

Have you ever thought of what happens to the muck that comes off of your bike? Yes – your bike! All that grease and dirty oil, dirt from the road contaminated with ‘stuff’. Well, it doesn’t go down the drain

The Dark Peaks: Love, death and cyclocross

 Steve Ranger     October 8, 2018   

  The Dark Peaks: Love, death and cyclocross I sat down on the grass at the finish line of this year’s peaks, put my head in my hands and wept quietly. In a moment of being utterly spent all of life suddenly

Danny Brown’s Utah Trip Diary

 Steve Ranger     January 18, 2018   

In November 2016 Danny went to Moab, Utah and some other amazing mountain biking spots on a staff trip for Lewes Cycleshack and Deers Leap Bikes. Danny’s trip diary is below and tells a great tale

A Trip Across France – Three Men on a Bike

 Steve Ranger     January 12, 2018   

The story of a ride from Dieppe to Marseille   Team Benfucci – Cycling around France Three fit young (at heart) men cycled over 850 miles around France to raise money for their chosen charities

Mountain biking on the Downs -this is what it’s all about…

 Steve Ranger     March 30, 2017   

Here in Lewes we are blessed with trails all around, being in the South Downs National Park. Today was 18C and perfect for mountain biking on the top of the Downs just above Kingston village.