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Coffee in Moab, Utah

The effects of coffee – it’s official!

 Steve Ranger     January 4, 2021   

For those of us to whom coffee is central to cycling. it’s good to have our prejudices reinforced so at Cycleshack we’ve done a bit of digging to see whether coffee is good for cycling. There has been plenty of research showing that it’s good for cognitive decline, although some of our shop staff did […]

Cannondale Topstone Review

 Steve Ranger     October 2, 2020   

Matthew, a local Cycleshack customer, reviewed a recent purchase for us – a Cannondale Topstone gravel eBike. Check out his opinion!

Fix Your Bike Vouchers

 Steve Ranger     July 29, 2020   

The new Fix Your Bike voucher scheme was introduced today, with 50,000 vouchers being issued. Naturally the website crashed straight away, but they’ll be rolling out more soon and of course we are a registered shop with the scheme. So what’s it all about? If you get a voucher, it’ll look a bit like this: […]

Bike Videos #2

 Steve Ranger     July 16, 2020   

Some more bike videos to inspire you to get out there… 

The best way to get a bike

 Steve Ranger     June 21, 2020   

It’s official – there are hardly any bikes anywhere at the moment. Most shops are struggling to get any bikes of any description and we’re getting up to 20 enquiries a day for bikes we don’t have. Here are some handy tips for getting yourself riding: Choose the type of bike – we’re mainly a […]

Some bike videos and articles for inspiration

 Steve Ranger        

What does it take to go from 5% chance of survival to setting your sights on winning one of the hardest cycling races in the world? Watch below as James Golding shares his incredible journey in the latest Red Bull Media House series Way of The Wildcard.    A video from Orbea about biking and […]

South Downs Way 2 – The Battery Test

 Steve Ranger     June 6, 2020   

As social distancing made it more difficult to go riding with Rob, my co-rider in part one, I decided to continue in a slightly different way by starting at the end point from last time (my house in Lewes), and seeing how far one e-bike battery would take me. From last time you may remember […]

The joy of local

 Richard Roberts     April 10, 2020   

Lockdown has shown me that if you’re forced to be stuck somewhere for a while there aren’t many better places to be than Lewes. In this instance, I’m not referring to the many fine people I’ve met, the pleasing architecture and the awesome array of pubs, but to the physical geography of the place. When […]

South Downs Way on Electric Bikes

A SDW Odyssey on Electric BIkes

 Steve Ranger     April 6, 2020   

Rob is an old climbing partner, known for his stock phrase, ‘What’s the worst that could happen?’ – just before it happens, usually. Retreating from a 19 pitch route in the Alps when he’d belayed me from a tuft of grass (‘I knew you wouldn’t fall off’) has always told me he’s made of the […]

Love your drivechain and it will love you.

 Richard Roberts     March 7, 2020   

Unless you’re a tiger or maybe a vampire, pointy teeth are not your friend – especially when they’re on your bicycle. The design of most conventional bicycles and current eBikes relies upon a drivechain that contacts metal on metal and leads sooner or later to bits wearing out. The components of your drivechain – the […]