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  • Electric Bikes

    Electric Bikes

    Why E-Bikes?

    Battery Powered Assisted Biking

    Electric bikes give a pedalling boost that help conquer hills, inclines and troublesome terrain without wearing yourself out.

    Fast & Flexible

    The lithe form and durable frames allow you to cover extra miles quicker and more efficiently than traditional bikes.

    Environmentally Friendly

    E-Bikes emit lower pollution per kilometre than motorcycles and cars, having less of an impact on today’s climate.


    There can be a perception that e-bikes are like motorbikes—just climb on and there’s no pedalling needed. However, that isn’t the case. Electric bikes are normal bicycles that have been manufactured or modified to incorporate the assistance of an electric motor.

    The only real difference between an e-bike and a standard one is that on an e-bike an electric motor enhances the power you produce from pedalling. That means you can either a) be more comfortable riding, or b) go faster.

    Mostly they’ll have a setting whereby you can adjust the power – a lot of assistance for going up a steep hill, or less assistance and save more of your battery if you’re on the flat.

    Check out the e-bikes in action with this video from Trek Bikes.

    On city bikes, electric bikes mean commuters who might otherwise climb in the car because they’re late can take their e-bike and still get to the office on time. Pedal-assist bikes have also been shown to extend bike commuting range, as the electric help makes it feasible to go longer distances.

    Many e-bike purchasers have been older and have relished the prospect of going on long bike rides again without having to worry about being excessively tired, or struggling up a steep hill – and yet still getting a reasonable amount of exercise.

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    How Far Would One Take You?

    Check out Bosch E-Bike Range Assistant which allows you to check the range of your Bosch E-Bike Battery & Motor

    The eBike Range Assistant allows you to calculate your next eBike journey rate which takes in factors of weight, average speed, cadence (crank on average per minute), equipment etc. 


    We stock a variety of Electric Bikes from Trek Bikes to Orbea

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